Disneyplus.com/begin : Everything You Need To Know

Disney Plus is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming platforms across the world. There are tons of Disney Plus users who reported to have received a message, urging them to visit disneyplus.com/begin and enter an 8-digit code.

Sign-Up for Disney Plus

If you wish to activate your device for a Disney Plus subscription, then you will have to first perform the Sign-Up operation. Follow the steps below to Sign-up for your account:

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  2. Open your web browser and type the web address, disneyplus.com/begin. You can also opt for disneyplus.com/begin.
  3. Now, a page will open up. Locate and navigate to Sign-Up.
  4. Now click on the Sign-Up button.
  5. A form will open up which you have to fill up. Write down the name, password and email address. Click on the ‘Next' button.
  6. Now enter your payment information, including the card details and the plan for which you want to subscribe.
  7. Click on the ‘Finish’ button.
  8. You can now click on the ‘Start Watching’ button and enjoy the unlimited Disney Plus video content.

How to Download Disneyplus on Android & Apple (iOS) ?

Here's how to download and install Disneyplus on Android and Apple devices.

  1. Go to the Disneyplus website and sign up for an account.
  2. Download the Disneyplus app for your Android or Apple device from disneyplus.com/begin.
  3. Launch the app and sign in with your account information.
  4. Select the content you want to watch.

Activating and Streaming Disney Plus Media on Other Devices – disneyplus.com/begin

Disney Plus offers outstanding video media streaming services on various devices. You can access unlimited video content by simply activation your device on disneyplus.com/begin. Follow the steps below for activation at disneyplus.com/begin:

  • To start, first, connect your device with an active internet connection.
  • Now, switch your device ‘ON’. Go to the App Store or Play Store and search for the Disney Plus Application.
  • Download and install the application, and open it. The screen will prompt you with a message, “Are You Already a member of Disney Plus”.
  • Select the ‘Yes’ button, if you have any previous accounts of Disney Plus. Click on the ‘No’ button, if you do not have an account.
  • If you select the No button, then follow the instructions to make a new account.
  • Add your credentials like name, password and email id to make a new account.
  • Then go with the flow of the instructions. On the last page, the system will generate and show you an activation code. Remember the 8 digit code, or make a note of it for future use.
  • Now, open a link, ‘disneyplus.com/begin’ in your web browser. You can also try another link as disneyplus.com/begin. Both the links work for the activation process.
  • As soon as you will open the link, it will ask you for the same code that you get while registering on your device. Before that, the system will then prompt you to sign in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Now enter the eight-digit activation code. The code you enter at disneyplus.com/begin must match exactly with the one that you get while registration for successful completion.
  • If the code matches, then the screen will display you a message, “Activation is complete”.

Troubleshooting Disney Plus Activation Not Working

There are chances when the Disney Plus activation is not working. For this, you will have to follow up with few factors and check all the things are working properly. The factors are:

  1. You must maintain the proper internet speed. For maintaining the speed of the internet, you can first check the internet at the Speed test. To maintain the speed of the internet, disconnect the internet for few seconds and connect it back again. You can also check simply by refreshing the connection. The speed of the internet must be high for the proper functioning of disneyplus.com/begin.
  2. You can also check by resetting the position of the router.
  3. Also, check by signing out of all the other devices that are working on your Disney Plus account.
  4. Check by deleting the Disney Plus App from your device. Now, again download the application from the App Store or Play Store. Now Sign-In with your credentials.
  5. Make sure that the device you are using is compatible with the Disney Plus App.
  6. Another method you can follow for the activation of disneyplus.com/begin is to use a different activation 8 digit code. For this, you have to again make an account on Disney Plus, and the system will then show you a different activation code. Use the new activation code for activating your account.